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At Kids’ Hair, the fun goes beyond the haircut.  Don’t forget about our kid-friendly “Styles and Fun” menu.  Here is a summery of the services offered:

Updos and Styling– perfect for flower girls, junior bridesmaids, daddy-daughter dances or just for fun!  Kids’ Hair stylists specialize in modern, cute and WEARABLE styles and updos for all occasions for kids.  Updos and stylings start at $10 and can go up to $50 depending on the length of time and detail put into the look.   Don’t forget that we can also put glitter spray on styles and updos!

French Braids – French braids look beautiful and keep hair from tangling and out of your face. Perfect for girls with long hair who play sports.

Glitter Nails (hands and/or feet) – Fun, bold colored nail polish with a coat of extra glitter polish for fingers or toes.  $6.00 for just hands or feet or get both done for $10 (save $2.00).

Color Extensions – Add a bit of color to your hair!  Our color extensions come in pink, red, blue, purple or green (other seasonal colors depending on holidays) and are installed in your hair so they last few weeks.   $6.00 each or $5.00 each for 2 or more color extensions.

Funky Hair – Crazy, fun hair styling with bright colored hair spray and glitter.  For girls we can do big, puffy pigtails or messy buns.  For boys, mohawks or spikes are popular.  Perfect for crazy hair day at school, completing a costume or just for fun!


Fun menu packages – Kids’ Hair offers 3 different “Fun Menu Packages,” perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers or just a special day out.   Choose from 3 packages (detailed below).  Packages can be combined on a per child basis.  Also, no matter which package you choose, if its for a birthday the birthday girl always gets a tiara!

The Glitter package – $12 per child: Each child receives Glitter Nails, glitter hair styling and a party bag

The Rockstar package (great option for boys!) – $16 per child: Each child receives Glitter Nails, rockstar hair styling, a temporary tattoo and a party bag

The Princess package – $22 per child: Each child receives Glitter Nails, a princess glitter updo, a tiara and a party bag

*Appointments are required for Fun Menu Packages.


Next time you come in for a haircut, have fun trying something from our Styles & Fun Menu.  Whether its Glitter Nails, a color extension or Funky Hair, we have kid-specific, salon quality services to make your Kids’ Hair experience even more fun!

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