Swim/Chlorine Damage

Chlorine doesn’t just get on the hair, it gets into it, and is especially attracted to children’s fine hair.
Chlorine build-up can make hair tangled, brittle, sticky, shiny (like a Barbie Doll’s Hair) and even make hair green!

Parents can do a few simple things to avoid these issues and save time and energy from having to comb through snarled, dry hair or trying to repair or cut chlorine-damaged hair.


Before swimming

  1. Wet hair thoroughly with fresh water.  Hair follicles are like sponges, they will soak up what they can.  If your hair is full of fresh water, there is less space for the chlorine and other chemicals to permeate.
  2. For girls with longer hair, putting it in a simple, tight braid before swimming will help with managing their hair when they come out of the pool.
  3. Use a pre-swim conditioner.  We carry SoCozy Swim Leave-in Conditioner which has an exclusive blend of polymers and vitamins that help protect hair from turning green, breaking or becoming dry. Just wet hair, spray liberally and evenly distribute.

After swimming

  1. Immediately rinse hair thoroughly. You want to take out as much of the chemicals or salt as possible.
  2. Shampoo with a clarifying or swimmers shampoo. We carry Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and SoCozy Swim 3in1.
  3. Follow with a good conditioner, even a leave-in conditioner to add moisture back to the hair.  We carry Malibu Swimmers Wellness Conditioner.

Treat and Repair

Kids’ Hair offers an in-salon Malibu Treatment that naturally removes chlorine, minerals and salts.  Who needs a Malibu Treatment?  For kids with longer hair that swim multiple times a week, a Malibu Treatment once a month can really help reverse and prevent damage.  For the casual summer swimmer, getting a treatment every 2-3 months helps remove the chlorine that has built up on their hair and scalp.  Safe and gentle for all ages/hair types, our Malibu treatment naturally removes chlorine, oxidizers, minerals and salts without harsh chemicals and leaves hair soft, healthy and strong.  The treatment process takes around 30-45 minutes and appointments are recommended.

Visit any of our locations and ask a Kids’ Hair Stylist to learn more about ideas, tips and products you can use to help keep your little swimmer’s hair healthy and manageable!

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