About Us

Story and Mission

Kids’ Hair has been owned and operated in the Twin Cities since 1992.  Our mission is to provide high quality children’s haircuts in a fun, safe and comfortable environment.  Our stylists are specially trained to not only cut and style kids’ hair, but to make the haircut experience enjoyable, gentle and relaxing.


Watch kid-friendly movies while you get your haircut. At the end of every haircut kids get a complimentary, fun styling (such as a braid, a streak of color or glitter), a sucker and a sticker.


Kids’ Hair is dedicated to providing the safest salon environment for kids of all ages.  No chemical treatments are ever performed in our salons. All our equipment is specially designed with kids in mind. We use quiet, low heat blowdryers and safety clippers. We also carry and use a variety of organic haircare products and lines.


From blowing bubbles to playing with toys, we provide distractions for little ones who are not quite sure about this whole haircut thing yet.  Our chairs are child-sized with safety belts and our staff are pros at making kids feel at ease and enjoy the experience.

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